• Jan 16, 2019

10 most unconventional yet amazingly shaped buildings around the world

Posted By Admin on Nov 20, 2015

Man-made buildings have always been subject to experimentation. The human desire to travel beyond customary imagination has led to some of the amazing creations around the world. Here are 10 out of the many:


Longaberger Headquarters – Newark, Ohio, USA



Toilet-Shaped House – Suwoen, South Korea

Toilet Shaped House


Piano and Violin Building, China

Piano and Violin Building


Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Lucknow, India

Indira Gandhi Planetarium


Office Center 1000 – Kaunas, Lithuania

Office Center 1000


Kansas City Library – Kansas City, USA

Kansas City Library


Rotating Tower – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rotating Tower


House Attack – Vienna, Austria

House Attack


Cubic Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands



Montreal Biosphere – Quebec, Canada

Montreal Biosphere