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Lifestyle of Rich People

Posted By Admin on Aug 18, 2015

1. Various super Cars








Its 21st century and people are being habituated with technical help and methodologies. People buy the materials to show their money, power and a well settled lifestyle.  Rich people are buying various cars to show their money and power. Higher the price of the car higher it shows their status. In various part of the world there are various expensive brands of cars. Some of them are Ferrari, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Aston martin, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Audi etc. These are some of the expensive brands of cars the rich people are fond of and they own couple of these cars. Buying these cars and using these on their daily life reflects their status. The more expensive the car the more prestigious and powerful you are. More wealthy people typically means more spending on luxury goods so they surge in sales for ultra expensive cars. Various expensive places like Geneva, Shanghai, Arab Emirates have always been wealth Strongholds where brands such as Ferrari, Buggati etc could always be guaranteed to find customers, through their high sales.

2.Enjoying in the Beach

3.great beaches











From the busy life of the busy businessman and the rich people the need the break from their hectic life. Rich people chose the beach to spend their break at beach. The famous beaches on the world are Malibu, Thailand, Goa, Maldives etc. The expensive family resort on those beaches has been   favourite destination of them.  The expensive the resort they live the more civilised they are. Beach is so famous destination because of the cool temperature irrespective of the temperature zone it lies. Various tensions are left out and a lifestyle that is free from everything is choosed. Motor boat makes beaches more valuable.

3.Holiday destination










Holidays are meant to be free from daily monotonous schedule of the rich people. Holiday destination depends on the nature and mood of the people but mostly rich people prefer the expensive destination. Some of the destination they choose are Tokyo, Paris , Prague ,Barcelona , Venice , Vegas , St. Petersburg , Budapest , Rome ,Nepal , Thailand , Singapore etc. They choose the destination according to their interest and their desire also sometimes according to their moods. Going to these places makes lifestyle more high and preferable. Even honeymoon places can be chosen so that people can be free from their daily routines. People want to make their life even more wonderful by travelling , which makes life interesting  and excited. Travelling even teaches people about the world.

4. Big houses (mansion)


 When you start to earn money you desire to have you own house with lots of facilities. The extent of facilities increases with increase with your income and your capital.  Rich people really have a mansion. The richer people have big mansion with lots of the facilities. Mostly rich people have their mansion on the famous island across the globe. Big villa with swimming pool looks extra ordinary. Famous celebrity, businessman, higher officials have their mansion. When we think of luxury home, space seems infinite. But even super wealthy have limitations.

5. Travelling in the Private jet

6.private jet

pvt jet








When your time is money rich people don’t want to lose their money and also the time.  So they do have their own jet. It’s the tradition of the people to have their own private jet of the rich people. People use it for the security and the luxury purpose. If you have private jet there is less chance of being affected. Rich people invest their huge amount of money to make it unique and expensive. The lifestyle becomes even more high and luxurious which every people want in their life. There are many reasons for the growing interest in the charter air services, common motivations for flying private charter includes greater convenience, comfort, privacy, productivity. The schedule and productivity gains can help to offset the typically higher fees paid for private air charter flights. For luxury seekers who want a better lifestyle there is nothing quite like the comfort and privacy of your own private flight.

6. Old and expensive Wines

2.best wine

There, in western countries there is the tradition to take a wine while visiting on friends and relatives house.  People take wine according to their income and expenditure.  Wines are from cheap to very expensive according to their manufacturing date. More the old wine more the price is. Very old wines are very expensive. Rich people buy very old wines and also gift to other people.  They offer very old wines to the visitors to their place. Rich peoples are very fond of wines and they know oldest wines are sweetest and wines.There is a saying, If you drink coke out of three different glasses, it won’t make a difference to the taste. But if drink wine from the very same bottle out of three different styles of wine glasses, you’d swear you were drinking three different wines. Everyone who gets into wine eventually feels an itch to drink a truely great bottle. For example Chateau petrus is an expensive wine that costs around 4000$.

7. Charity and trusts

hands holding letters spelling words5.charity

When you earn lots of money you need to invest on better place but charity is one of the better place where you can get name and fame at same time. The explanations for charitable giving fall into three categories that are-I donate because I value the social good done by the charity. Second one is –I donate because I extract value from knowing I contribute to the social good for the charity. And the last one is I donate because I want to show off to potentials mates how rich I am.It has been the fashion of the rich people to open the charitable trust and work for the people in need. We have lots of examples in our society of the charitable trust run by rich people. They do it for their name and fame and sometimes to show their money power among the people. Charitable trust are mostly governed by them and also run by them. We know for example the richest man in the planet i.e Bill Gates have a trust named Bill and Malinda Gates foundation that helps the poor people. Around 50% of his earning is used by the trust.

8. Yatch










We know that, there exists lots of things that are to be discovered and in most of the cases it starts within the water. One can experience few of the best moments of life while having a sail through a yatch. The experience can further be step up with the sailing made in the privately rented yatch. This offers the ultimate of luxury and delight that one cannot afford to forget in his lifetime.  People who love Sea and sand will always want to have a Yatch. Rich people buy yatch to go on holidays on the sea. They want to raise the standard of their living by travelling in a yatch or by enjoying the vacations on it .They throw parties on their private yatch and show their lifestyle of being rich and most often to show their power.  In yatch they go on weekends on sea for break from their hectic and busy life. They take the brake from their busy life and schedule for refreshment and fun. Various celebrities and businessman always want a yatch so that they can show their lifestyle around the world.

9. Casino


 People want to spend their free time in Casinos by gambling in times. Some people say that when they go to casino, they are just sucked into their own world not caring about anything that happens around them. When they lose, they want to play more not caring about the house edge. People often come to celebrate or gamble because it has already been a part of their life. People even love the risk involved while gambling. Winning is not only the thing why people hooked in casinos. Rich people mainly gamble for Fighting for stress. They also gamble for killing the time. Casinos are mainly designed for to make people oblivious of time. There are no wall clock around. People also go there for fun. Casinos are no longer exclusive for the high rollers. Casinos provide chances to talk with strangers and even be good friends. People want to spend their night away and differently so they go to casinos.

10. Brands










People don’t want to look like the common people as they always want known brands and there is always a big move towards designers, which signals theirs interest and knowledge. It pushes back against the traditional luxury brands and has started to hurt established brands. It is the desire to express oneself through inside knowledge of designers. Suppose if a rich man want to buy a mobile phone than obviously he will buy a branded and famous company that may be I-phone or Samsung. For these individuals digital world is very important. It is how they make their choice. Nowadays the rate of growth in luxury sales looks to grow because people are being brand conscious. Brand also attracts people by using pretty models or well known celebrities. People are brand conscious because of their peer pressure. People even choose brands because of the familiarity.