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10 facts to prove that you are into some serious ‘Relationship Thing’

Posted By Admin on Dec 27, 2015

Perfection is something everyone strives to achieve. More of this is desired when you are entering or wish to enter into a relationship. Here are some of the facts to examine if your love is headed for a sweet outcome…….


  1. Morning breath you wonder, if really exists.

Morning Breath

After a handful number of sleepovers and having swapped boundless morning breath with your significant other, there is nothing such as a morning breath strong enough to gross you off.


  1. Farts are no big deal.

couple in bed

Boys are relatively more open about farting and they rarely shy away from being busted. Girls however, have that one big moment to get the fart movement started and it becomes a usual business.


  1. Why close the door while Peeing?

Man at Urinal

While alone, you would rarely care shutting the door to pee. If you feel the same even while your partner is around, apparently the sign is of a healthy relationship. Cheers!


  1. Peeing while showering together is allowed.

Showering together

It would be rather rude to take a break off the shower for tapping the fluids out. Considering the previous point, this one is permitted too. However, for safety just turn around while you are easing up.


  1. Weight gain is absolutely fine.

Weight gain

Regardless of the extra weight your partner has gained since the first time you met, you are okay with whatever the extra pound. You love and admire them for whatever they carry.


  1. Popping pimples and blackheads.


Boys are always okay with gross stuffs. However, if the girl has no problem popping off your pimples, it is huge in the sense that she is finding even the grossest part of you appealing.


  1. Poop is never the same again.


It is utterly a huge milestone in any relationship after you start discussing freely about your bowels and the stuffs related to them.


  1. Period talk is never judgmental and always open.

Beautiful caucasian woman lying with hot water bag

A girl during her period gets drained both physically and emotionally. If her guy is able compassionate enough to partner her through this, the relationship certainly is a golden one.


  1. Nothing stops you from ‘Taking Care of’ aka loving him/her.


He just coughed unsophisticatedly. She is puking. She has pimples over her face he has dark circles under his eye. With all of this happening time and again, you will always find each other as appealing as always.


  1. You are who you ‘REALLY’ are.

Colored be honest

The ultimate accomplishment in any relationship is only after you are happing being the real you and your partner too is happy that way. It is the time when you start imagining if you two are a single person and not two.