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7 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Posted By Admin on Sep 21, 2015



1. Bad Skincare

Skincare – or a lack of proper skincare – is the easiest way to age yourself prematurely. If you’re using harsh cleansers or neglecting to wear SPF protection when you head outdoors, you could be setting yourself up for dry and aged skin. Instead, use a gentle cleanser and a hydrating moisturizer each night and always wear UV protection when you head outside.

2. Too Much Black

Most women turn to black clothing and accessories because it is a slimming and universally flattering color. However, too much black can give you a dowdy, matronly appearance. To avoid this, always add a splash of color to black ensembles, either with a fun purse or scarf.

3. Tightly Pulled-Back Hair

A tight bun or ponytail gives women an older appearance; there’s something very “headmistress” about a tight bun. To avoid this mistake, never wear your hair entirely pulled back. Instead, allow some wispy pieces to fall loose, framing your face and softening your appearance.

4. Avoiding Statement Pieces

Many women avoid “statement pieces” as they age, such as loud patterns or eye-catching jewelry. While it’s true that you shouldn’t overdo these pieces as you get older, avoiding them altogether can age your overall look. Instead, incorporate small glitzy, patterned or fun items to keep your look young.

5. Eschewing Current Trends

Older women oftentimes avoid the current trends, for fear that they will appear as if they’re trying to look like teenage girls instead of the mature women that they are. Sure, it’s true that some trends and styles aren’t appropriate for women of a certain age. However, other styles and trends are universal. Peruse fashion magazines and incorporate the trends that you’re comfortable with.

6. Matte Makeup

Many women associate dewy skin with youth and matte skin with maturity. While this is somewhat true, don’t let this be a steadfast rule that you abide by when you do your makeup. A completely matte face can actually make wrinkles and fine lines appear harsher. Instead, use a glitter-free highlighter to add a dewy finish to your look.

7. Sticking To “Grandma” Perfumes

As you get older, you might feel obliged to leave sugary and sweet fragrances behind completely. While some perfumes may feel too “young” for you, you don’t have to stick to the “granny” perfumes. Instead, find a mature scent that has notes of floral or sugary scents that will make you feel mature without feeling dowdy. There’s a fine line between aging gracefully and simply giving up. If you follow these tips, you’ll look like a mature and yet playful and youthful woman. Remember, there’s no age where you have to turn your back on great style.